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10 Ways to Upgrade Your Social Circle with High Value People

Social Circle

If you’re uncomfortable in a social circle you used to enjoy. Congrats, you might be leveling up.

It sucks to leave people behind.  But everyone can’t come with you on this journey.

Losing friends can be a sign of growth. And growth will cost you some things.

Don’t beat yourself up. Here’s what you can do instead.

If you’re outgrowing friends and want to expand your social circle with high-value people follow these 10 steps.

Why do you lose friends when you become successful?

As your dreams get bigger, your circle may get smaller.

Here are some reasons why you lose friends when you become successful.

1. You’re not relatable anymore 

Success will expose you to new environments. Your social circle may have a hard time relating to this new lifestyle.

2. Your success reminds people of what they lack

Your achievements could make people feel some type of way — especially those who started in the same place as you.

3. Following your dreams will keep you busy

Building a successful life will keep your plate full. You may hurt some feelings when you’re no longer available like you used to be. 

How to Expand Your Social Circle with High-Value People

1. Go Out Alone

The next time you’re thinking about skipping an event because no one will join you. Don’t. Being alone can make you more approachable to new people. The key is to maintain open and inviting body language.

2. Catch flights

If you want to expand your social circle, get out there and see the world.

High-value people know the world doesn’t revolve around their community. They love to travel and learn about different cultures.

3. Say yes to the invite

Leveling up your social network means you have to be open-minded. It means saying yes to activities outside of your comfort zone.

If you’re not the outdoors type, give it a try. If you’re uncomfortable at networking events, change your mindset

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4. Go to live events

Live events like conferences, workshops, and seminars are a great way to meet other ambitious people. You can also attend events virtually. Always have your business cards handy. And follow up with people you meet.

5. Get educated

Getting educated will help you connect with other like-minded people. There are many ways to be educated with or without a degree. You can go to museums, art galleries, or exhibits. Find topics that genuinely interest you and invest in learning.

6. Learn a new language

High-value people come from all different backgrounds. Learning a new language can be a great way to widen your social circle. You can start by learning to say hello in a new language.

7. Join a book club

Book clubs and book signing events are a great way to meet other motivated people. They tend to attract people who enjoy learning. Look for topics you want to learn and join book clubs around them.

 8. Get fit

Driven people take their health very seriously because health is wealth. Joining a gym or fitness class is a great way to meet like-minded people.

9. Be a plus one

Once you meet high-quality people, ask to be their plus one for future events. It helps you widen your social network with even more high vibe people. 

10. Join online communities

Today so much of the world is going virtual. There are many online communities like NetWerk® you can join to upgrade your friendship circle. Find communities that match your values and brand.  

Getting Started

The best way to attract high-value people into your life is to become one yourself. 

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Over To You

Which of these steps will you take to upgrade your social circle? 

Head over to our comments section on social @netwerkmovement and let us know. Share this with someone who needs it!

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