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We recommend NetWerk® Society for early to mid-career professionals. For current college students, NetWerk® Society Student Membership is best. This membership level also allows students to launch a chapter at their school and recruit members. This is ideal for college students looking for leadership experience and to make a difference while in school! 

NetWerk® University is our on-demand resource library with courses, e-Books, business templates and more resources made for us by us! 

Here you can purchase products based on your current needs. There is no ongoing subscription. 

We may sometimes offer members certain eBooks and templates from our NetWerk® University shop. However, in general, NW University courses and resources are not included in membership. Members are offered other cool perks! You can read more about these at

Our membership curriculum is always evolving! Our focus is on building leaders that can thrive in their industry.  We cover a wide range of career and leadership related topics. We may even tailor topics to match societal trends or global events like the pandemic. Our team is constantly researching and teaming with experts across various industries.

We welcome ambitious ladies across all industries to join! Rather than being industry specific, NetWerk® society focuses on universal career and personal skills needed to become a leader in today’s global and evolving world. NetWerk® has partnerships with established brands and companies across many industries.

Umm yessss! We’ve created a quick guide explaining how to launch a NetWerk® chapter in 3 easy steps!

Yes of course! NetWerk® is a global platform empowering students and members worldwide. Keep in mind, most of our members are US based so workshops will often take place during US time zones. Our courses and other content are created to apply to universal career and leadership principles. 

Yes ma’am! Most employers promote  professional development and have budgets set aside for this. Help them walk the talk by funding your NetWerk® Membership!

Here’s a sample letter you can copy and paste asking your boss to fund your society membership fees.

You may cancel your NetWerk® memberships at any time! To cancel, you’ll need to log into your NetWerk® membership portal and discontinue your monthly or annual subscription. Keep in mind that past membership fees are non-fundable.