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8 Ways to Get Promoted to Manager Fast

get promoted to manager

If you’re stuck in a support role and struggling to get promoted to manager.  

Don’t let it discourage you. Your time will come!

Becoming a first-time manager is totally achievable. Even if it seems like everyone is getting promoted but you.

Getting a promotion at work is about more than just talent. It’s about having a game plan. Let’s jump right in and explore ways to get you promoted to manager.

When to Ask for a Promotion 

You can ask for a promotion once you feel prepared and have the data to back up your promotion request. 

If you want to get promoted, make your intentions known early. Your request for a promotion shouldn’t come as a surprise to your boss. 

Mention your desire to be promoted during your check-ins with your manager.

How to Sell Yourself for a Job Promotion

The best way to sell yourself for a job promotion is by having a consistent track record of success. 

To do this, you’ll wanna keep track of your accomplishments and feedback. 

A brag book can help with that. It makes it easy to advocate for yourself during the promotion process. 

How to Get Promoted to Manager

1. Go the extra mile in your current role

If you wanna get promoted to manager, don’t just get paid and stay out of the way. I’m kidding. But for real… 

You can’t do the bare minimum and expect a promotion. Find ways to exceed the expectations of your current job. 

Volunteer in another department. Offer to cover for a co-worker on vacation. 

Whatever you do, don’t just do your job. Remember, you get paid to do your job. And get promoted for going the extra mile.

2. Make your desire to be a Manager known

Closed mouths don’t get fed. If you want to be a manager, it shouldn’t be a secret. Especially, with those who can make it happen, like your team leader.

Use your check-ins with your manager to share your desire for a promotion. Work with them to create a game plan to help you get there.

Consider your workplace culture before sharing your plans with your boss. If your boss is toxic, get a second opinion before discussing a promotion.

3. Carry yourself like a manager

You don’t need the title to carry yourself like a manager. Pay attention to how other managers at your company show up.

Take note of the type of questions they ask in meetings. Observe how they spend their lunch break. And notice how they interact with others.

This will help you understand what management material looks like at your company. So you can act accordingly. 

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4. Be the bigger person at all times

Becoming a first-time manager means you’ll need to get along with all your co-workers. Yes, even the problematic ones.

When issues come up, you’ll need to move differently. You’ll have to view your peers as people you may one day manage. 

It means you can’t afford to be seen throwing shade at anyone. You can’t clap back. You can’t play favorites. Or have any work drama. 

Being management material means being the bigger person at all times. 

5. Make friends with decision-makers 

Take note of who calls the shots at your workplace. Get to know them. And make them your ally. There are benefits to building relationships with decision-makers. 

You have someone to advocate for you in meetings you don’t even know are happening. If none of the decision-makers at your job know you. It’s time to change that. 

6. Lead high visibility projects

If you wanna get promoted to manager, now’s not the time to hide. You’ll want to take on high-visibility projects at work.

This helps you get noticed for the right reasons. And positions you as someone capable of driving key business initiatives. 

Speak to your boss about ways to get involved outside of your day-to-day duties.

7. Be open to roles in other departments

Getting promoted to manager may not necessarily be a straight path for you. It could mean entertaining management roles outside your immediate team.  

Have you considered opportunities with other departments at work? If not, ask yourself what other areas might interest you.

Create a networking plan that includes mingling with people across the organization.

8. Distance yourself from co-workers with bad reputations

 Guilt by association is a real thing. If you’re serious about a work promotion, avoid spending too much time with co-workers with bad reputations.

This doesn’t mean you refuse to work with them. It means you’re careful spending time with certain people outside of what’s required to do your job. 

The last thing you want is to be passed up for a promotion based on the company you keep. Keep things professional but keep your distance. 

Getting Promoted to Manager

Getting promoted to manager is a big step. But don’t let it overwhelm you.

Our NetWerk Free Career Center can help you on your journey to getting promoted. 

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Remember to be patient with your level up journey!

Over to You

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