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5 Ways to Increase Your Visibility at Work (Stop Doing These)

How to increase your visibility at work

You’re likely doing a great job at work. But if no one notices. It doesn’t matter. This is why you should increase your visibility. 

Highly visible people get noticed at work in a positive way. They don’t fight for attention at all costs. And neither should you. 

Let’s talk about things you should stop doing if you wanna increase your visibility.  And the importance of being visible at work. 

Importance of Visibility at Work

Being visible in the workplace comes with many benefits. You attract opportunities that others have to work overtime for. 

Being visible keeps you top of mind when your company makes decisions about special projects, promotions, and bonuses. 

What is Visible Work? 

Visible work is high-value-added projects that get noticed by leadership.

It often looks like — leading a presentation, creating a pilot program, or establishing a new company-wide procedure. 

By taking on visible work, you get exposure outside your immediate team.

If you have a boss that’s holding you back, taking on visible work is a great way to get noticed outside of your team.

Volunteer for visible work whenever possible.

What is Invisible Work?

Invisible work is tasks that need to get done to keep a company going. It’s often administrative and done behind the scenes. 

Invisible work will be part of your job. There’s no avoiding it. 

But remember this — You get paid for invisible work. And get promoted for visible work. 

Increase Visibility at work
You get paid for invisible work. And promoted for visible work.

How to Increase your Visibility at Work 

1. Stop taking on more invisible work 

You’ll need to accept invisible work to be a team player once in a while. 

But…Don’t become the go-to person for invisible work that no one else wants. If no one’s volunteering for that extra assignment.

There’s a reason for it. 

When you bury yourself in invisible work. You become unavailable to high-visibility projects that can boost your career.   

What to Do Instead 

The next time your team needs volunteers to take on invisible projects. Don’t be the first to raise your hand.

Pull your boss aside or message them after the meeting.

Here’s What to Say

“Hey (Your Boss), if no one else volunteers for (the invisible work). Just let me know. I’d be happy to talk about some options with you.” 

Why This Work

You’re not volunteering for invisible work. But you’re willing to work with your boss to find a solution.

This makes you look like a team player. And makes your boss feel supported. 

2. Stop arriving at meetings right on time 

You’re probably thinking, what’s wrong with arriving right on time? Well, a few things. When you arrive at a meeting right on time, you miss opportunities. 

You don’t get a chance to strategically pick where you sit. And where you sit in a meeting matters.

You want to sit somewhere that lets your presence be known. Sitting upfront usually works best. Or sitting next to decision-makers. 

You also miss out on small talk when you arrive right on time. Love it or hate it, small talk can help your career.

A study of hiring managers shows that small talk played a role in the candidates that got the job. 

Don’t sleep on the benefits of showing up to meetings early. This applies to virtual meetings as well.  

What to Do Instead

Arrive at your meetings a few minutes early to scope out the room. Strategically place yourself upfront or next to decision-makers.

This also works for virtual meetings. Being early gives you time to make small talk with the host. And get noticed as one of the first people to join the call.

Don’t think people don’t notice these small details. They do. Over time, this helps you become more visible. 

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3. Stop thinking your work will speak for itself 

If you want to get noticed at work in a positive way. Stop thinking your work will speak for itself. It won’t. You have to speak up to be highly visible at work. 

Don’t wait for others to share your accomplishments. Take credit where credit is due. You don’t need anyone’s permission to brag about how amazing you’re doing.

And you don’t need to wait for performance evaluations to do it. 

What to Do Instead

Creating a brag book could help if you struggle to speak about your accomplishments. 

A brag book is a document that helps you track your achievements, compliments, and results. Why is this important?

It’s easier to speak up about your accomplishments when you’re actively tracking them.

4. Stop being stingy with your knowledge 

Is there a topic that you’re constantly being asked about? If so, don’t hold back when it comes to sharing it. If you wanna increase your visibility at work, don’t be stingy with your expertise. 

You have to let go of the idea of “training the competition.” Real leaders are generous with their knowledge. And you should be too. 

What to Do Instead

Think of something you’re constantly being praised for at work. Offer to teach it to others. Speak to your boss about leading a training on the subject for your department. 

If approved, make sure the training gets recorded. If the feedback is positive, offer to share it with other departments. 

This is how you get your name out there. And become highly visible at work.

5. Stop skipping “optional” work functions       

If you want to increase your visibility at work. You have to be present where relationships are built.

This tends to happen at those after-hour work functions. If your workplace is toxic, it makes sense that you’ll wanna skip them.

But going to work events can be good for your career. Instead of writing off work functions. Do this instead.

What to Do Instead

Make a game plan before your next work function. Get clear on your goals for each event. Who do you want to get to know? How much time do you want to spend there?

These are some questions to ask yourself beforehand. 

The more intentional you are, the better your outcome will be. You can also bring a friend to make things less awkward.

If you choose to drink, don’t overdo it. Remember to be yourself. Everything gets easier that way!

Increasing Visibility 

If you want to increase your visibility at work. You’ve got to let go of things making you invisible.

Our NetWerk Free Career Center can help you on your journey to becoming highly visible. 

Here you can download dozens of free career guides and templates to guide you. Remember to be patient with your glow up!

Over to You

Which one will you stop doing? Head to our comments section on social @netwerkmovement and let us know. Share this with someone looking to boost their visibility at work!

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