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10 Fun Ways to Network in a New City (Before and After Moving)

How to network in a new city

Building a network in a new city can be intimidating. It’s also a sign that you’ve leveled up by leaving your comfort zone.

If you’re not sure where to start with networking for your move. You’re in the right place.  

Here are 10 ways to network in a new city before and after moving.

How to Network Before Moving

1. Ask for Introductions 

Reach out to your network to see if anyone has connections in your new city. Ask for introductions to like-minded people. Keep in touch and follow up once you move.

2. Join online communities 

Search for online communities in your new city that match your interests. Facebook groups are great for this. You can post an introduction sharing your plans to relocate and invite them to connect with you. 

3. Take a trip before you move

Visit your new city before making the move. Go to networking events, conferences, and mixers to help you meet new people. Follow up with your new connections once you relocate. 

4. Reach out to your existing communities

What communities are you currently a part of? Think about your college, sorority, memberships, or employer. Communities can also be based on your culture, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Look for people in your new city to meet based on shared communities.

5. Subscribe to newsletters in your new city 

Join a few newsletters to learn what’s happening in your new city. Local event newsletters can help you learn about events to check out once you relocate.

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How to Network After Moving

1. Start a Newbie Group 

If you’re someone that likes to bring people together, consider starting a group to connect newcomers. This can help you build a community of people in the same boat as you. Plus, you’ll be admired for taking the initiative to unite newbies.

2. Find a place of Worship 

Religion or spirituality can be a great way to connect with like-minded people. Many of these communities have ministries or groups you can join as a newcomer.

3. Join Networking App

Apps like Nextdoor can help you get to know the people in your neighborhood. Elpha is another app to network with professionals in your new city.

4. Volunteer at Charity Events

Volunteering is a great thing to do. And a great way to network in a new city. Find causes that you care about and ask to support their next event.

5. Go to Meet Ups is a great place to find events when you’re new in town. Their events work well for newbies since most group members don’t already know each other. You won’t feel awkward about going to meetups alone. It tends to attract people like you that are also new in town.

Get Started with Networking in Your New City 

Now that you know how to network in a new city. It’s time to take action! To get started, join our Facebook Community with professionals worldwide! Introduce yourself and connect with people in your new city.

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