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Can Everyone be a Leader? The Answer May Surprise You

Reasons everyone can be a leader

Can everyone be a leader? You’ve likely heard the quote “good leaders are born not made.” 

And wonder if you stand a chance. Well, the good news is— you might.    

Today becoming a leader in your field is easier than ever.

If you need some inspiration, keep reading.  

Here are 6 reasons why anyone can become a leader.


1. The internet has leveled the playing field

Today you can learn almost anything about your industry online.

And the more you learn, the more you can earn. 

Education isn’t so exclusive anymore, with information now available at the click of a mouse.

Plus there are so many free resources available online, even if you’re on a budget.

Modern tech has proven to level the playing field if used correctly. 

It helps you learn what it takes to become a leader in your field. 

With the internet, nothing can stop you from learning on your own.

2. More opportunities to lead

We have more opportunities to lead today than ever before. 

The pandemic created many virtual job opportunities

Meaning you’re not limited to leading in your town. 

If you’re not the type to wait around for opportunities, you can create one.  

Social media gives you a platform to build a following to lead. 

It helps expand your network and influence, which are key for leaders.

About 81% of Americans have social media accounts

If you show up consistently, it’s only a matter of time before you find your tribe.  

3. Lack of  trust in leaders

There’s a lack of trust in leaders nowadays. 

You see this play out in the workplace, elections, you name it. 

The 21st annual Edelman Trust Barometer tells us that people are losing trust in leaders across every area of their lives. 

So what does this mean for you? 

Well, if you’re able to get others to trust you, you might stand a chance at leadership.  

The best leaders are proven to have higher levels of integrity

4. Gender doesn’t matter in leadership potential

Does gender identity matter in leadership?

Here’s what the data says.

While women are still underrepresented in leadership roles, this has little to do with actual potential.

Studies show gender is not related to leadership potential

Some studies have shown that women are more effective as leaders because the bar for promoting them is much higher than for promoting men.

Plus, brands with more women in leadership are 1.4 times more likely to have continued profitable growth

5. Training and coaching can improve leadership skills

You have the power to develop your inner leader over time.  

Coaching can improve your leadership skills by about 20%–30%.

What does this mean for you?

You don’t have to be perfect to put yourself out there for leadership opportunities. 

The key is to be coachable.

6.  Everyone is a leader in their own way

You can define what leadership means to you.

Don’t be a prisoner to what society tells you a leader should be.

For example, leadership for you may not look like entrepreneurship. 

It could look like leading a team of interns at your job.

And that’s fine.

Own your definition of leadership!

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Final Thoughts 

Becoming a leader is more realistic now than ever before. 

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see yourself represented in the leadership roles you want.

With a solid leadership development plan, you’ll get there. 

Remember, the world needs your uniqueness. 

So don’t sleep on your potential. 

Not all leaders are created overnight.

Some are created over time. 

Now it’s your turn

Can anyone be a leader? Head over to our comments section on social @netwerkmovement and let us know!

And share this with someone who needs it.

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