10 Resources for First-Generation Graduate Students 

first generation graduate students

If you’re a first-generation graduate student you’re likely going through a lot of emotions. 

Imposter syndrome. Feeling unprepared. Family pressure. You name it!

But the good news is, you don’t have to go through it alone. There are tons of exciting resources out there to support you. 

Here are 10 resources for first-generation graduate students. 

What is a First-Generation Graduate Student?

A first-generation graduate student is someone who is among the first in their family to pursue a graduate degree. 

You’re a first-gen graduate student if neither your parents nor previous generations in your family have graduate degrees. 

If your siblings have graduate degrees, you’re still considered a first-generation graduate student. 

Resources for First-Generation Graduate Students

1. Rise First 

Rise first is an online community for first-generation achievement.

They offer resources to empower first-generation, low-income (FGLI) students and professionals. 

Check out their resources page for a bunch of helpful information. 

2. MLT’s MBA Prep Program 

Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) is a non-profit that helps promising students prepare for leadership roles. 

MLT’s MBA Prep program offers Black, Latinx, and Native American professionals one-on-one coaching.

They help with navigating the MBA application and business school itself.

3. NASPA Center for First-Generation Student Success 

This site is a one-stop destination for improving first-generation student success.

Here you’ll find events, programs, and resources about the first-generation student experience. 

4. The First-Gen Lounge Podcast 

The First-Gen Lounge is a podcast for first-generation scholars and professionals. The podcast highlights the real-life struggles of first-gens. 

Check them out to get inspired and learn lessons from fellow first-gens.

5. Empowering First-Generation Students Facebook Group

Launched in February 2015, this Facebook group was created for first-generation students and people who want to support them.

It’s a good place to network with other first-gen students. Whether you’re a first-generation master’s student or Ph.D. student. 

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6.  I’m First!

I’m First! is a non-profit community supporting first-gen students. 

They offer free mentoring to guide you through admissions and student life. 

You can also hear inspiring stories from other first-gen students on their blog.

7. University Specific Programs 

Many colleges and universities have programs designed to support first-generation students. 

They’re typically found within the career services or student affairs departments. Visit your school’s website to see what they offer. 

8. First-Generation Scholarships

There are graduate scholarships specifically for first-generation students.

Some are school-specific and others are open to students attending any university. 

You can find these opportunities using one of the many scholarship search sites.  

9. Campus Tutoring Programs 

As a first-gen, you’re likely used to helping others. But don’t be afraid to admit where you need help. 

Many colleges and universities have free tutoring programs.

Take advantage of this if there’s a topic you’re struggling with. There’s no shame in needing help. 

10. NetWerk®

Last but not least, NetWerk® can support your journey as a first-gen grad student.

We’re founded by a first-gen graduate student and get the struggle better than most. 

We support you with career resources, community, and events created with first-gens in mind. Best of all, joining is free!

Plus you get access to our Career Level Up Center when you join. 

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Take pride in being a first-generation graduate student

Being a first-generation graduate student is a lot to be proud of.

You’re creating a blueprint future generations will thank you for. 

Just know that you’re not alone on this journey. There are tons of resources out there to support you. 

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Over to You

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